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Indoor Wall Mounted Distribution Box MTeH UNI

Marke: Micos







The Indoor Wall Mounted Distribution Box MTeH UNI (Part number: 85AV.00/0001F) from Micos is a Faserabschlussbox that allow connection between multiple operators and customers.

MTeH UNI is designed to be very versatile optical distribution box, which can realize a wide range of configurations and interconnect the fibers in many ways. Wall box is suitable primarily as a distribution point in FTTH networks. Box includes two types of connector panel and two large splice trays KM4.

  • Easy installation
  • Removable cover
  • Cable reserves brackets
  • Cable management
  • Ability to spice in the bottom of the box
  • Optional splicing or splitter boxes
  • Possibility to use the box for splicing or patching
  • Removable connector panel for 12× SC simplex or 12× SC duplex
  • Connector plate protected with a cover
  • Gradual grommet Ø 3–14 mm
  • Input for 12 microducts up to Ø 7 mm
  • Preparation for the side entrance of Wall rails
  • Optional wall through installation
  • Mid-span access
  • 2× splice tray KM4 – total capacity 48 splices
  • Maximum capacity 72 splices using splice section in the bottom of the box
  • Duplex adapter point to connect PLC splitter
  • Coverage degree IP 20
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