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4FO (1x4) Direct Burial Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OM2 Rodent Protection

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P/N: BC150 D25 4FG5 OM2
Twoosk ID: TP023034

Product Details

Outdoor cable with central loose tube and up to 24 fibers with good mechanical properties


BC150 D25 4FG5 OM2


BRUclean 150


Product Description

The 4FO (1x4) Direct Burial Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OM2 Rodent Protection (Part number: BC150 D25 4FG5 OM2) from Solifos with 4FO and Anti Rodent construction . Direct buried cable is optimised for injection into ducts in optical networks and is usually directly buried or installed in ducts by air-blowing, jetted, pulled or pushed into the duct.

The 4 (1x4) Direct Burial Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OM2 Rodent Protection from Solifos is a Direct Buried cable with 4 fibers within 1 central tube. This distribution cable for optical networks with good mechanical properties has a central loose tube structure with glass yarns with water-blocking tape and a halogen-free polyethylene outer sheath, allowing high permissible tensile strength, high flexibility and small bending radius. Longitudinally and laterally watertight. The optical fibers comply with TIA recommendations OM2


For outdoor use; Laying directly in the ground; Suitable for blowing into pipe systems


  • Optical fiber
  • Multimode
  • Central tube
  • Waterproof
  • Grease-free cable core
  • Halogen-free cable sheath
  • CPR fire reaction class Fca
  • High flexibility
  • Rodent Protection
  • Robust cable jacket
  • Exterior Diameter of cable 7,5 mm
  • Weight 60 Kg/km
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OM2 G.651.1
Fiber Count (FO)
Fiber per tube
FOC Construction
Central Tube
FOC Protection
Anti Rodent
Fiber Mode
Multi Mode (MM)
FOC Type
Direct Buried

Fiber Type (ITU) - OM2 G.651.1

OM2 (Optical Multimode 2) is a type of multimode fiber defined by the G.651.1 standard. It has a core diameter of 50 microns and is designed for higher-bandwidth applications than OM1, supporting up to 10 Gbps over distances of up to 90 meters. OM2 is commonly used for data center applications and LANs, but is being replaced by higher-grade fibers for longer-range transmissions.

FOC Protection - Anti Rodent

Anti-Rodent is a type of fiber optic cable protection designed to prevent damage from rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels. This protection is achieved by applying a special coating or tape to the cable, making it difficult for rodents to chew through the cable and cause damage. Anti-rodent protection is particularly important in outdoor and underground installations where rodents are common, and can help to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs.

Fiber Mode - Multi Mode (MM)

Multi mode fiber uses a LED or a VCSEL light source, is a type of optical fiber with a big core diameter that allows several rays of light to propagate. It is used in telecommunications and data transmission systems to transmit signals over small distances with high or medium attenuation and bandwidth to 10Gb/s. Multi mode fiber is ideal for medium-speed and small-distance applications, such as networks backbone and fiber to the desk in an enterprise network. Its large core provoques the dispersion of light, preventing signals to travel further and faster than with singlemode fiber.

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