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Cable Lubrificant GLISS F Tank of 5 kg

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Total Stock: 200 units
Brand: Carima
Twoosk ID: TP037306
Ships From: Gessate, Italy
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Product Details

GLISS F water based hight perfomance liquid lubricant






Product Description

GLISS® F is the ultimate cable lubricant, reducing friction by up to 90% during the insertion of electrical, telephone, coaxial, and optical fiber cables. Its consistency, fluidity, and extremely low evaporation rate make it the recommended choice for laying cables in plastic piping, even for extended lengths measuring several kilometers without breaks (uninterrupted lengths up to 6,000 meters achieved). Technical documentation is readily available for laying optical fiber cables using GLISS® F.

Use GLISS® F with the lubricated baton system or automatic cable insertion machines operated with compressed air. For both cases, it is essential to pre-lubricate the piping to achieve optimal results. The use of a compressed air automatic system considerably reduces the quantity of lubricant consumed, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

The consumption of GLISS® F varies depending on the diameter and weight of the cable, as well as the diameter of the piping into which the cable is to be inserted. Generally, consumption ranges from 5 to 10 grams per meter, making it an efficient choice for your projects.

GLISS® F is proudly made in Italy, a water-based high-performance liquid lubricant packaged in 1kg bottles (15pcs/box). Its versatility extends to lubricating ducts and pipes, providing a valuable tool for multiple applications.

Elevate your cable installations with GLISS® F and experience unparalleled ease and efficiency in every project!


  • GLISS® F may be used for the installation of optic fiber cables by means of the lubricated baton system, using a winch to pull the cables by controlled force. (recommended use) In this case the piping must be pre-lubricated by pouring GLISS® F directly onto the cable during installation. GLISS® F may also be used with automatic cable insertion machines operating with compressed air. In this case too, the piping needs to be pre-lubricated.


  • GLISS® F maintains its lubricant effect even years after the original application.
  • GLISS® F protects cables against pollution.
  • GLISS® F adheres perfectly to the cable surface.
  • GLISS® F retains its lubricating power even when water is present.
  • GLISS® F can be used for any type of cable.
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