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Cleaning solution Isopropyl alcohol bottle of 500ml

Brand: Carima

Product Details

Isopropyl alchol solvent to clean fiber optic for splicing




Isopropyl alchol


Product Description

Discover the ultimate cleaning solution with our high-powered Alcohol Degreaser. This indispensable product is specially designed for cleaning optical fibers before joining them, providing impeccable results. Experience the convenience of this alcohol-based cleaner that boasts exceptional degreasing and cleaning power. As it evaporates completely, you can rest assured that no residues will be left behind. Versatility is key with our liquid degreaser cleaner, as it works wonders on a variety of surfaces, including glass, old-generation videos, optical filters, and plastic surfaces. Say goodbye to dirt and grime on photocopiers and printers with ease. Elevate your cleaning routine with our top-tier Alcohol Degreaser, the go-to solution for efficient and effective cleaning. Achieve spotless results without any residue, and experience the power of this high-quality cleaning solution today!


  • Appearance: liquid / colorless
  • Odor: characteristic
  • Flash point:> = 15 ° C
  • Relative density: about 0.80 gr / ml
  • Solubility in water: soluble
  • Lipidaca solubility: soluble
  • Heavy metals: does not contain
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