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Universal re-usable Closure Outdoor Square Design Cable diameters max. 16 mm, max. 24 splices

Product Details

Universal re-usable closure, outdoor, square design, cable diameters max. 16 mm, max. 24 splices

Fumo Communications LightLine





Product Description

The Universal re-usable Closure Outdoor Square Design Cable diameters max. 16 mm, max. 24 splices (Part number: LL-CLOSURE/SQ/HIS-6020-24) from brand Fumo Communications LightLine is an Optical Fiber Splice Closures with 24 fibers.


  • Fumo’s universal re-usable closures of the SQ-6020 range for fiber optic cables are especially designed to protect cable connections in outdoor applications. Tey can be used with any cable construction and due to its robust structure and design, it withstands even harshest environments, as well as it’s ready for various fiber optic splice applications (express, tap-off, branch, and repair). The four cable entries of this closure can be used for cables with an outer diameter from 8 to 16 mm. Te advanced robust design of the body and cover, carrying 1 slide-in-lock splice trays (max. 24 splices in trays of
  • L170xW120xH14mm and L160xW122xH10mm), is protected by an elastic waterproof sealing. Accordingly, the closure can be easily re-opened and securely re-closed. In addition, the closure has excellent features, such as a high mechanical firmness, acid & corrosion resistance, absolute water-tightness, as well as no special tools and trainings are required for handling and montage.


  • DIMENSIONS : L474 x W222 x H124mm
  • CABLE DIAMETERS : variable 8 - 16mm
  • NUMBER OF CABLE ENTRIES : 4 (4 x 8 - 16mm)
  • NUMBER OF SPLICES : max. 24 on 1 splice trays L170xW120xH14mm
  • MATERIAL OF CLOSURE : PC (polycarbonate)
  • COLOR : black (other colors available on request)
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE : -40°C to 65°C

What's in the box?

  • 1 roll seal tape
  • 1 roll insulation tape
  • 1 pc. abrasive cloth
  • 1 pc. earth wire
  • 1 set nylon ties
  • 2 bags desiccant
  • 1 pc. measuring tape
  • 1 pc. hexagon wrench
  • 1 set mounting hooks
  • 1 bag heat-shrink protection sleeves
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Product Specifications

Fiber Count (FO)
Indoor / Outdoor
IP Rating

IP Rating - IP68

IP68 is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that indicates an electrical enclosure's ability to resist the ingress of solid objects and water. The 6 in IP68 refers to its level of protection against solid objects, while the 8 indicates protection against continuous immersion in water beyond 1 meter. This rating is commonly used in marine and underwater environments, where equipment must be able to withstand long-term exposure to water. Devices with an IP68 rating can withstand complete and continuous immersion in water, making them ideal for use in harsh environments where protection from the elements is critical.

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