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Patchcord duplex E2000/APC8°-E2000/APC8° HUBER & SUHNER, singlemode, LSZH yellow, 3m

Product Details

The part number: LL-PTDX-E20008E20008-sm657A2 from Fumo Communications LightLine is a Duplex patch cord with E2000/APC connector on both sides. The brand of the connector is Huber & Suhner.

Fumo Communications LightLine

LL-PTDX-E20008E20008-sm657A2-3 -connector Huber & Suhner


LL-PTDX-E20008E20008-sm657A2-3 -connector Huber & Suhner


Performance Warranty

Product Description

STANDARD COMPLIANCE All components of/and the final product are designed and tested to conform the requirements ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, EIA/TIA 568, IEC 61754-15, ANSI/ICEA-596, IEC 60793, IEC 60794, EIA/TIA IEC 60331, IEC 60332, ITU-T G.657.A2, Bellcore/Telcordia GR-409-CORE. All components are RoHS compliant and do not and will not contain any restricted hazardous substances as detailed in RoHS 2002/95/EC.


  • Computer work station to outlet and fiber optic patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center.


  • Attenuation : ≤0.25 dB
  • Return loss : ≥55 dB
  • Temperature range : -5° C to 60° C
  • Color of sheath : yellow (other colors on request)
  • Fiber version : semi-tight buffer / easy strip (tight buffered on request)
  • Color of boots : black & green (other colors on request)
  • Packaging : 1 pc./unit (other packaging on request)
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.657.A2
Jacket Material
Outer Diameter
FO Connector Type 1
FO Polish Connector 1
FO Connector Type 2
FO Polish Connector 2

Fiber Type (ITU) - OS2 G.657.A2

Each type of single-mode fiber has its own area of application, and the evolution of these optical fiber specifications reflects the evolution of transmission system technology from the earliest installation of single-mode optical fiber to the present day. Choose the right fiber is very important for each project/installation. The OS2 G.657 standard single-mode fibers were developed to allow a better bending radius regarding the G.652 standard. For the OS2 G.657 fiber there are 4 subcategories: G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.657.B2, G.657.B3.

The G.657.A2 fiber type is characterized by 7.5 mm minimum bending radius. These specifications of the G657 fibers allow to have a better cost-efficiency due to compact cable designs and reduced space requirements. Find some benefits when using the G.657.A2 fiber type:

  • Low attenuation;
  • Excellent macrobend performance (low bending radius);
  • Flexibility;
  • Cost-efficiency.

Jacket Material - LSZH

LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) is a jacket material that is designed to limit the release of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire. It is made without halogens, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe for human health. LSZH is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, making it suitable for harsh environments. It is commonly used in public buildings, transportation systems, and other areas where safety is a primary concern. However, LSZH may be more expensive than other materials, and it may have a lower temperature rating, which may limit its use in certain applications.

Configuration - Duplex

A Duplex configuration is a type of cabling arrangement commonly used in data centers and telecommunication networks. It consists of a two fibers cable , terminated with two connector at each end. It is normaly used in Simplex data transmition.

FO Connector Type 1 - E2000

The E2000 FO Connector or LSH is a type of fiber optic connector that uses a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule to align and connect optical fibers. Used in high-speed data communication networks. Provides low insertion loss and high return loss. The push-pull latching mechanism allows for easy and secure connections, while the dust cap protects the connector from contamination and laser beam protection. The E2000 FO Connector is commonly used in telecommunications, data centers, and other high-performance and high power applications.

FO Polish Connector 1 - APC

APC (Angled Physical Contact) FO Polish Connector Type 1 is a fiber optic connector that uses an angled endface to achieve low back reflection and insertion loss. It features a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule and is commonly used in telecommunications and data networking applications where low back reflection is critical. The APC connector offers high precision and reliability, making it suitable for use in single-mode fiber networks. However, the angled endface of the APC connector requires special polishing techniques, making it more expensive than other connector types.

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