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Fiber optic distribution box FA-MP5, 96 splices, 4x 24F, Pole , gray

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P/N: FA-MP5-96-24-07-K96-GY
Twoosk ID: TP037874

Product Details

Fiber Optic Distribution Box with cross panel for FTTH solutions.






Product Description

The Fiber optic distribution box FA-MP5, 96 splices, 4x 24F, Pole , gray (Part number: FA-MP5-96-24-07-K96-GY) from brand FCA is an Optical Fiber Splice Closures with 24 fibers.

Fiber Optic Distribution Box with cross panel for FTTH solutions.


  • indoor and outdoo ruse


  • capacity up to 96 splices,
  • system of 4 hinged splicetrays,
  • each for 24 splices with additional place for 1x8 and 1x16 PLC splitter mini metal box package,
  • 1 ovalline port (possibility to assemble cables with uncut tubes),
  • 2 roundline ports,
  • 24 roundsubscriber ports,


  • oval line 1 pc. (cable Ø8-15)
  • roundline 2 pcs. (cableØ6 -12), cableglandPG13,5
  • round subscriber 24 pcs. (cableØ5 -8), hole of the port Ø11,5mm, suitable for preconnectorized subscriber drop cable
  • ABS + PC material
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Product Specifications

Fiber Count (FO)
Indoor / Outdoor
IP Rating
Splicing Capacity
Mounting Type
Pole Mount
Closure Sytle

IP Rating - IP65

IP65 is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that indicates an electrical enclosure's ability to resist the ingress of solid objects and water. The 6 in IP65 refers to its level of protection against solid objects, while the 5 indicates protection against water jets from all directions. This rating is commonly used in outdoor and industrial environments where equipment may be exposed to high-pressure water jets or heavy rainfall. Devices with an IP65 rating can withstand significant exposure to water and dust, making them ideal for use in harsh environments where protection from the elements is essential.

Mounting Type - Pole Mount

Pole mount is a mounting type used for securing telecommunication equipment to a pole or a post. This mounting system is ideal for outdoor environments, as it allows for the installation of equipment in areas where wall-mounting is not feasible. Pole mounts feature adjustable brackets and clamps that can accommodate different pole sizes and shapes. They are commonly used for mounting antennas, cameras, and other telecom devices in remote locations, such as rural areas and industrial sites.

Closure Sytle - In-line

In-line closure style refers to a method of organizing and protecting fiber optic cables that involves placing the fiber splices and terminations within a compact, in-line enclosure. This style of closure is often used in outdoor or harsh environments where fiber cables may be exposed to the elements or subject to physical stress. The in-line design allows for easy access to the cable for maintenance and repair, while also providing protection against water, dust, and other contaminants. In-line fiber closures can be used in a variety of applications, including telecommunications, cable TV, and internet service provider networks.

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