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In this section you will find answers to the most questions that may arise regardless of whether you are already registered on the marketplace or not.

At Twoosk Marketplace you can create your own seller shop in a specialized telecommunications business-to-business Marketplace. Twoosk Marketplace platform gives you the opportunity to create or strength your digital presence by allowing you to build your e-commerce business, access new markets and reach new business customers.

What is a Seller Shop?

A seller shop is an easy way to display and sell your telecom products online to a global scale audience. With Twoosk Marketplace you can set up your digital store on our platform and open a new online sales channel for your products in a telecom specialized Marketplace.

You have access to a dashboard specifically designed for business sellers and benefit from a suite of tools and features optimized to help you build, manage, and grow your business.

Your shop gives you the ability to customize your business offers and communicate directly with your customers, including the possibility to answer to quotations in the Marketplace and help your customers find the products that are right for them.

Twoosk team will support you in every stage of your business.

What types of seller shops can I find on Twoosk Marketplace?

Twoosk Marketplace currently offers two seller shop models, the Subscription Model, and the OS Business Model.

The Subscription Model is a monthly fee-based model while the OS Business Model is a sales fee-based model specifically thought to support manufacturers. Please find below the main features for both models.

How does Subscription Model works?

The account package available under the subscription model is the Starter Pack, a monthly fee-based package.

To know more about the Starter Pack features, benefits and conditions as well as the onboarding process please contact our Customer Care Team at

Who should use OS Business Model?

The OS Business Model was specifically designed for manufacturers in the telecom sector.

If you have products heaping in your warehouse or unused long tails products from overstocks and need help selling them, then OS Business Model is Twoosk Marketplace seller shop for you.

How does OS Business Model works?

Within the OS Business Model, shops will be run on sales fee-based, no subscription will be asked upfront to access Twoosk Marketplace.

Twoosk offers our sellers/partners the following choice of account packages in OS Business Model. Each package has its different levels of need.

To know more about the OS Business Model account packages as well as the onboarding process please contact our Customer Care Team at

The Starter Pack is a seller shop pack with must-have features specifically made available to develop a new online sales channel for your company on Twoosk Marketplace.

The Starter Pack is a subscription model seller shop.

To learn more about Twoosk Marketplace seller shops, including the Starter Pack, check About Twoosk Marketplace Seller shops .

Any type or size of legal business in the telecommunication industry, whose place of business is established and located within the European Union.

If your place of business is located outside the European Union, and you are interested in registering a Twoosk Seller Account, please email us at, and we will analyze your case.

To become a seller on Twoosk Marketplace, you first need to decide which seller shop model better suits your needs.

You can find information about Twoosk Marketplace seller shop models by visiting the Sell and the Manufacturers pages on our website. If you need any additional information, you can request to be contacted through one of the options available in each page or you can email us at

Once it’s clear which seller shop model you would like to get onboard with, you will need to register a seller account.

  • 1. Create a seller account by entering your user and company data.
  • 2. Seller account registration. An email will be sent to confirm that we have received your registration.
  • 3. Account set up and approved by Twoosk.
  • 4. Account successfully set up. An email will be sent once we have verified and unlocked your account.
  • 5. Sign in and get started with your Account. You can now manage your account data, invite other users from your company, add products, and start selling.

Please note: Twoosk will contact you if, for any reason, we were unable to verify the business details you provided in your registration.

No. A Twoosk Seller Account and a Twoosk Buyer Account are two different types of accounts, each of them has its own specificity and are subject to a different registration process.

However, if you have a Buyer Account and you are also the owner or employee of a legal business entity and you would like to start selling at Twoosk Marketplace, you can convert your Buyer Account into a Seller Account. A Seller Account will allow you to conduct both sales and purchase orders on behalf of your employer.

If this is your case, also check the following FAQs:

I want to sell. How can I upgrade my buyer account?

What email address should I use to register for a Twoosk Seller Account?

How long will it take for a seller account registration to be verified?

Yes. If you have a buyer account on Twoosk Marketplace and you want to start selling your products, you can convert your buyer account into a seller account.

To upgrade your account, you will need to sign in to your account by clicking on the Account menu of our Website.

  1. Go to Settings Menu, on the left side of your account page > Select Company Profile

  2. Click ‘Upgrade to Seller’, on the right top corner

  3. You will be contacted by our team as soon as possible to follow your request.

However, if the email associated with your buyer account is not your business email, we recommend you request us to change your email of your buyer account first, by emailing us at

Also check:

Can I change the email used to create my account?

What email address should I use to register for a Seller Account?

It takes only a few minutes to fill out the ‘Create Seller Account’ registration form but, could take a few working days (normally up to three working days) until your account is verified by our team.

Please keep in mind that you might be required to send us some additional information, to confirm your access to the marketplace as a seller.

We recommend you use your work email address instead of a generic or personal one.

If you currently have a buyer account and you are converting this account into a seller account, you will use the same email address you have been using so far for your buyer account. However, if the email you are using is not your work email and you want it to be, then you will need to request us to change it.

Please check, Can I change the email used to create my account?

Yes, your Twoosk Account supports multiple users, allowing you to invite buyers from your company to the account. After being added, they will be able, for example, to placed purchase orders on behalf of the company using one single account.

Each user will have his own log in details.

Also check:

How can I invite additional users to the account?

To invite a new user to your account, you will need to sign in to your account by clicking on the Account menu of our Website.

1. Go to Settings Menu, on the left side of your account page > Select Users

2. Click ‘Invite New User’, on the right top corner

3. Enter the new user details, including his email address and company´s role

4. Click Save

An email will be sent to the email address of the user you would like to add. The invitee will then need to confirm the invitation by setting up his log in details.

Please note that an email address may only be associated with one account at a time. Email addresses already associated with another business account must be removed from the other account before being added. If this is your case, please contact us at

Use an email addresses that are not already associated with another Twoosk account.

Yes. You can create more than one account on Twoosk Marketplace, however, please note that an email address may only be associated with one account at a time.

If you are creating a Twoosk seller account you will need to provide a VAT identification number, which is unique per company.

A Twoosk Seller Account will give you access to features that can help improve your business operations.

The main features are:

  • Fully functional online store
  • Transactional emails with buyers
  • Answer quotations in the marketplace
  • Unlimited Number of references allowed
  • Product creation through excel upload
  • Automatic Content Translations (Improve international performance through displaying products in other languages)
  • Online Push Notifications (Notifications to buyers relating to products, promotions, new Categories etc.)
  • Sales notifications via email and marketplace

Your subscription plan will be automatically suspended due to the lack of payment.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to renewal your subscription and would like to close your seller account, please email our customer care team at informing us of your intention and providing us with your email address and business name, before your subscription ends.

We will then initiate the process of removing your seller shop account and inform you of each step, but please keep in mind that you will still have the duty to fulfill any open orders or queries and you will still be invoiced for any outstanding fees.

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