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1x4 Splitter Cabinet 4 units SC/APC

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P/N: OCM5-SP41400S2-18DASIA
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Product Details

OCM5 Fiber Optic Splitter Module, Planar,4x 1/4 Splitters, singlemode, SC/APC, symmetrical split ratio, 1.8 m pigtails ( 4 pc of 1/4 splitter on a compact case )






Product Description

The 1x4 Splitter Cabinet 4 units SC/APC (Part number: OCM5-SP41400S2-18DASIA) from TE CONNECTIVITY is a type with a SC /APC connector and 1x4 configuration. Fiber optic splitters are passive component that split the fiber and its signal. The signal is sent along of fiber and when it reached a fiber optic splitter, the signal is divided into two or more signals.

1x4 Splitter Cabinet 4 unit SC/APC


Modular Wideband Couplers/Splitters for CSX-2 and CSX-3 Splitter Cabinets

Single mode wideband couplers/splitters are passive optical devices that split and combine light in fiber networks. The OCM modular packaging provides a robust and simple method for integrating these devices into the range of CSX-2 and CSX-3 splitter cabinets. A wide selection of split ratios and connector types ensure long lasting compatibility.

The splitter components are based on FBT (fused biconic tapered) technology for low split ratios. For higher split ratios, planar waveguide technology is used.


  • Reliable performance
  • Low loss
  • Low polarization sensitivity
  • Excellent mechanical protection
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Clean connector storage for unused ports


  • FTTH/FTTB/FTTC/CATV Network Systems
  • PON(Passive Optical Network)
  • Optical Fiber Equipments

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  • FTTH/FTTB/FTTC/CATV Network Systems, PON(Passive Optical Network), Optical Fiber Equipments


  • Single mode wideband
  • couplers/splitters are
  • passive optical devices
  • that split and combine
  • light in fiber networks


  • For higher split ratios
  • planar waveguide
  • technology is used
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Product Specifications

FO Connector Type 1
FO Polish Connector 1
Fiber Mode
Single Mode (SM)

FO Connector Type 1 - SC

SC FO Connector is a type of fiber optic connector that uses a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule to align and connect optical fibers. Used in high-speed data communication networks. Provides low insertion loss and high return loss. The connector is easy to install and provides a secure, reliable connection for both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. Its locking mechanism ensures a stable connection and the push-pull design makes it easy to connect and disconnect. The SC connector is commonly used in data centers, telecommunication rooms, and other high-density fiber optic installations.

FO Polish Connector 1 - APC

APC (Angled Physical Contact) FO Polish Connector Type 1 is a fiber optic connector that uses an angled endface to achieve low back reflection and insertion loss. It features a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule and is commonly used in telecommunications and data networking applications where low back reflection is critical. The APC connector offers high precision and reliability, making it suitable for use in single-mode fiber networks. However, the angled endface of the APC connector requires special polishing techniques, making it more expensive than other connector types.

Fiber Mode - Single Mode (SM)

Single mode fiber uses a LASER light source, is a type of optical fiber with a small core diameter that allows only one mode of light to propagate. It is used in telecommunications and data transmission systems to transmit signals over long distances with low attenuation and high bandwidth. Single mode fiber is ideal for high-speed and long-distance applications, such as internet backbone networks, cable television networks, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services. Its narrow core reduces the dispersion of light, allowing signals to travel further and faster than with multimode fiber.

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